Monday, February 23, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 7 & 8

I know, I know, I'm cheating. I'm combining two challenges into one. But that's the only way I could catch up and give myself time for other art pursuits.

Week 7: - Layers - Cover up good stuff - Going undercover

Week 8 - Layers - Repeating elements - It's worth repeating

I didn't actually intend to cheat. I started with an idea inspired by a web page I came across during the week, about the signs of a heart attack, and in particular the lesser-known signs for women: throat, neck and jaw discomfort. So I chose one of my Gelli backgrounds, and wrote on it a few personal lines. And then, I covered it all: the printout of that web page, a cutout from the latest Marks&Spencer's food magazine (always full of colour and yummy shapes), plenty of acrylics paint.

And then I went a bit mad on hearts - I already had the cutout chocolate hearts from M&S. And I added a big Gelli-printed heart and a few little ones, my own heart stamp, and a few stick-ons. Et voilà - Week 8 challenge in the bag!

And my quote, from The Little Book of Calm.

The background:

The web page that started it all:

The actual heart Gelli print. The heart I added to the page was the stencil. Sometimes I find that the stencil turns out a lot prettier than the print itself.


The facing page, listing all the elements:

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