Sunday, February 22, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 6

Week 6 Challenge is all layers - When not to stop - Don't stop till you get enough.

So I put in a bit of everything: a Gelli print background, one envelope, the reverse of another envelope (a small piece), a piece of an opera program (Iolanta - Bluebeard's Castle, Met HD), gesso, acrylic paint, stamped donuts, markers, acrylic silks, Distress stain, Gelli-printed donuts, and paint splatters.

BB sees squids in it. Of the ring variety, on a plate. Well? I see the bottom of the sea and all its wonders.

The Gelli-printed background:

Donuts and splatters:

The Facing page, listing all the elements, and my quote, from The Little Book of Calm:


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