Saturday, August 08, 2009


I do love my art training books. Since my birthday, I've been going through a wonderful one, the Collins complete artist's manual. It's a big book, full of practical tips and ideas, but it's also very inspirational, with beautiful paintings and practical projects. I'm learning lots and lots, and it makes me want to paint and draw more (e.g. the foot drawings).

Today, I did a lemon watercolour. It's very simple, with only 3 colours: Lemon Yellow (PY3), Permanent Rose (PV19) and Ultramarine (PB29). I find you can create gorgeous combinations with just those 3 colours. It's a bit chunky - I think I'll have another go tomorrow, to try and blend my colours better, glazing them rather than just adding a bit here and a bit there! I do like the shadow, though.

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