Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kerry Sky

At long last, we were able to put our feet up today - it feels like we haven't stopped since mid-August, when my parents were over. It's nice to have a "normal weekend", food shopping, laundry, a walk in Airfield, a bit of art, watching a Buffy DVD (we've just started Series 5, where Dawn, Buffy's little sister, appears out of nowhere - I love that series!).

I did another Kerry Sky in pastel, this time in a bigger format. This one is 23x30cm. A bit over-dramatic maybe, but I'm really enjoying painting these big skies full of clouds. Next, I'm going to do the same in acrylics. I need to psyche myself up a bit for that - and allow a couple of hours to work the sky and the clouds in one session.

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