Friday, December 16, 2016


No, not those kinds of quickies. Quickies reminds me of makeup remover. Does that still exist, I wonder? I used to love those little round boxes with oily pads to remove eyeshadow and mascara. But what I'm referring to here are quick sketches. Lately, I've been finding that I wasn't drawing as much as I wanted to. And that I would start a sketchbook and never finish it. So I decided to tackle that. Well, I will probably always have a few sketchbooks on the go at any one time, because I like to vary papers and techniques and I don't have the skills to bind my own sketchbook with different papers. Many people do, and I know the basic principles of it. I even have an awl. But I lack the patience and precision.

But there are no excuses for not drawing every day. I'm not talking elaborate, beautiful drawings here. Clearly that takes some time to achieve. But a quick sketch every day should be possible - the trick is to have a little pad and a couple of pens in various locations around the house and in the car, not just at my art desk. So, I've started with a sketchpad in the kitchen/dining room, which I can pick up before eating, or even after meals. And when I run out of things to draw, I might even tackle the table and chairs, the walls and ceilings. That's the plan anyway. But let's start small!

One that would have benefitted from measuring and plotting!

When in doubt, draw your tea-mug

Lidl Bottle Wobble.

The aluminium tray was more interesting than the mince pie.

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