Friday, December 23, 2016

Measured Setup - Door

This time of the year is always a struggle, in terms of keeping up with sketching, painting and blogging. But it's about spending time with family after all, so I should try to sketch my parents when they come visiting, rather than bemoan the lack of time! Am I the only person who finds it hard to draw family and friends? Sketching strangers is not easy - there is always the concern that they will spot you squinting at them and storm off, or, worse, come over and check out their portrait. Sketching fellow-sketchers is easier, because everybody is sketching everybody, and you're not too emotionally attached to them. But family - that's harder. Too many emotions. Too much baggage. Plus they can express exactly how they feel about how you've captured them.

This has nothing to do with this door, of course. I was just saying how I feel about this time of the year, I guess. This was a sketch I did as part of Liz Steel's Foundations online course. My conclusion from this section is simply that I don't like to measure!

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