Thursday, December 22, 2016

Killiney Sky

Last watercolour I'll be able to fit in before the Christmas holidays - I've been quite productive since September, so it's nice to wrap up the year with a nice little painting.

For the New Year, I want to work towards a more abstract landscape style, inspired by various artists, like Jackie White, Ruth McCabe, Paul Fowler and Donald Teskey. That's my goal anyway. We'll see how it develops.

Initially, I wasn't happy - I felt this painting was too pretty. But then I grunged up the foreground with some dark green grass, and it took on another feel altogether. A good tip I picked up was to use some of my sky colour and add it in a small amount to the foreground, to unify the painting. Subtle, but it works.

A good end to the year. Now I will have to make the hard choice of which paintings to frame and which to put in a box. I have so many framed paintings sitting on our landing at home, I simply can't keep producing until I have managed to sell some more!

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