Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More sketches from the holidays

Bit by bit, I am growing my sketching habit, but I still struggle to fit in as much urban sketching as I'd like when I'm travelling. I find it hard to find the time I need. It might have been easier if we hadn't been moving around so much - but we had a lot to fit in, so we were on the move every other day. What I need to do is develop a simple and rapid style of sketching and watercolouring that would enable me to capture the essence of a location in less than half an hour. Something like the watercolour I did of Shinjuku gyoen. I am working on it, with some good online courses from urban sketchers I love.

Still, when I look back, I have a few nice sketches. So, it was worth carrying my supplies after all (2 small sketchbooks: a small portrait Moleskine in heavy paper and a landscape Moleskine in watercolour paper, a smallish watercolour set, two brushes and a couple of pens).

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