Monday, July 06, 2015


I was attempting to reproduce the effect of the illustration from the Guardian article, but it didn't quite work out. Do you want to know why? I lack patience. Pure and Simple. I didn't wait for paint to dry. At this stage in my life, there is really no excuse for that. So it went all blobby. And then I added extra layers, knowing full well that the more layers you add in watercolours, the muddier it gets.

So I'll have to have another go. This time, I've prepared lovely bright sections of colours. Exactly the same colours - hard to believe, isn't it! I waited between each layer, making sure it was completely dry before applying the next one. And look how vibrant it is. I'm not sure how it will look after I've drawn my parsley leaves on top - may be I should not have painted my colours as venn diagrams? But we won't know until we try.

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