Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Label Printer

Objects are not as forgiving as fruit and vegetable! A very wobbly-looking label printer! If I was to draw it again, I wouldn't add the cross-hatching in the round shape on the left. It pushed the shape back in and drew attention to a few wobbles.

But never mind all that. I love my little label printer. It was a customer of ours who introduced me to label printers - she is the owner of a local delicatessen, and she prints a lot of labels for their range of take-away dishes. I always felt that handwriting envelopes didn't look professional. But I struggled with printing directly to envelopes - I always ended up inserting the envelope the wrong way into the printer chute and wasted a lot of good-quality envelopes. This great little label printer solved all my problems. And I'm still on the first roll of label paper!

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