Thursday, May 29, 2014

Drawing Pets

I discovered Craftsy today! I think it was an ad in Facebook, for a lesson on how to paint pets, for €15. At that price, I thought it was worth a try. And I had heard of Craftsy through a customer of mine who is into knitting and crochet. I just didn't realise that they also did fine arts. 

I had done a good drawing of our cat many years ago, but I had never pursued it beyond that drawing. As he is not getting any younger, the urge to paint him has come back. And also our dog now.

So I've watched the first part of the lesson, and I'm already diverging from the teacher's instructions. There is no way I could do a freehand drawing like that, even from a photograph. So I'm using a grid system, 2 cm on the original photo, 3 cm on the drawing.

I have a good bit more to do, but I'm pleased with the likeness so far. And I've picked up some useful tips from the teacher. Some of the students on the forum are complaining that the teacher doesn't explain enough about how to draw the animals, but this is not a basic drawing course, so I don't know what their expectation was. There will always be people who moan and blame others for their inadequacies! I just think this course is great value, and I'm looking forward to the painting bit!


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