Saturday, May 02, 2009

Emer Martin

A good few weeks back, Brendan saw a painting he liked in a newspaper. It was only a tiny photograph, but it looked like a spiral of colour. I scanned it and printed it bigger and it looked really nice. Brendan said he wanted me to do a painting in a similar style, for somewhere over our stairs. I agreed it was beautiful, but I wasn't sure how to tackle it.

And then, last Thursday, I was at Pink Beauty in Dundrum, and picked up a magazine, and what did I find in it? There it was, with vibrant colours. So beautiful. I just had time to write down the details of the artist's website before I was called for my treatment. Her name is Emer Martin, and I love not only the spiral painting (it's called "She Followed Her Love Into The Underworld"), but also her series of little faces. Check them out- they appear so human (and a bit weird too) the way they're looking straight at you.

I don't want to do a straight copy of it, even if it's just for the top of our stairs and nobody will ever see it. I read in the magazine that it was to do with a narrative, so I want to paint something in a similar style that will be our narrative. Mmm. I'll need to ponder that for a while, I think.

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