Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knocked Up

Not Me! The Movie!

It was showing on one of the Sky channels during the week, and it was pleasant enough. Better than "27 Dresses", anyway, but that's not hard. The story is very simple. Katherine Heigl (of Grey's Anatomy fame) gets pregnant by a guy she met once in a club. He's a bit of a slob and a loser, but he is nice. She decides to keep the baby. Happy ever after (more or less). It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. Actually, the funniest character in the whole thing was Heigl's boss's assistant, who doesn't particularly like Heigl. She's only in 2 scenes, but she was hilarious, very dead-pan, a bit like a character from The Office.

I really think that they don't make romantic comedies like in the old days, like When Harry Met Sally, Truly Madly Deeply or Moonstruck! You can probably guess my age from these movies!

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