Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Hills NZ

I'm finding very little time for painting these days. This is our busy time, workwise, so I need to snatch a few minutes here and there if I really want to practise. I just need to push myself a bit to get back into drawing and painting.What I really need to do is draw more, so I've set myself a difficult project: draw Willow. I've got a lovely picture of him I'm going to use, but I also want to do some action drawings.
In the meantime, here is the latest adventure, painted from a photo I took from the campervan in New Zealand:

Brendan likes it better than I do. I think it's a bit dull, but I'm quite proud of my greens (and of the fence, of course), which can be a bit of a struggle at times (it took 2 sets of Aboriginal snails to get them right!).

  • The green in the foreground is a mix of Hookers Green and Vanadium Yellow (my favourite colour when it comes to mixing greens!).
  • The green in the middle is an Emerald Green pencil from the Derwent AquaTone range.
  • The big hills in the foreground are Sap Green and Yellow Ochre.
  • And the hills in the background are Hookers Green and Yellow Ochre.

There you are - all my tricks revealed!

Here is the original photograph:

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