Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And more

There are only 2 more pictures, I promise. We're still tidying up the house, so it's not 100% ready for viewing. We were expecting the fitter from Craftstone today, but then Ernest told us it would be next week - no explanation why. So, we still don't have our bin unit and the back panel for the breakfast bar.

I emptied the last of the boxes this evening, and we still have a few bits and pieces that need to be sorted in the front bedroom. I think we'll tackle painting the bannisters this weekend (it's that or do the cleaning and ironing, as our cleaning lady has quit!), and then we can order a new carpet for the stairs and landing (we're currently down to the under-carpet mat, so it's not pretty).

Next time we're in Ikea, we're going to get plenty more boxes to fit in the Traby shelf. The little CD box sets you see here are very handy for bits and pieces. And we also have bigger red boxes for bulkier items.

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