Saturday, September 20, 2008

Indian Summer

Yes, today is our Indian Summer, beautiful sunshine and warm air, but it is not what this is about. I went to the Indian Summer restaurant with Lucinda and Carmel last Thursday. We had a lovely evening there. It was busier than I expected at 7 o'clock when we arrived. We took our time and we were amongst the last few customers to leave. The food was lovely as usual. I didn't venture from my staples - starter platter & red snapper for main course. We had too much rice - next time, I must remember to order one rice less than there are people sharing, particularly if eating naans, which we did. We got a mixed naan basket, which included a sweet naan, with coconut. It tasted like a sweet pancake. Very tasty.
As Lucinda and Carmel were having tea and coffee, I decided to try the masala tea. A warming tea, with cinnamon and other spices (which I could not identify of course).

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