Thursday, January 24, 2008

Syriana, Good Night, and Good Luck.

A few good movies on the telly, lately. In the last week, we've watched George Clooney in 2 movies: Syriana, and Good Night, and Good Luck.

Véronique had warned me that Syriana wasn't an easy movie to follow - watching it on a small screen didn't help - a lot of the sub-titles were too small and too white over the glare of the desert's sand. There are still some strands I'm not completely sure about, even after reading the synopsis on the website. But what a great movie, particularly in this day and age. I won't spoil it for you - there is some satisfaction in slowly understanding what's going on! Be warned, though, it's a violent movie - I couldn't watch the torture scene at all!

In some ways, Good Night, and Good Luck is a much gentler movie - a great one if you're interested in the McCarthy era in the 50s, and it's got a great soundtrack too. But in other ways, it asks questions that are just as important, about democracy, about the rights of the individual, and about the corruption of a State that puts those rights to the side in order to pursue its goals.

Both very interesting movies about integrity, the men who fight for the truth, and those who believe only in their own self-interest and money. Fair play to Clooney for taking on such projects that challenge the viewers and force us to question the world we live in.

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