Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Onion

Happy Birthday, Françoise - See, I thought of it on the day! I haven't sent you a card yet, though!

I don't think I've ever completed a watercolour project so quickly. I embarked on this one only about 3 weeks ago at most. I know for sure it was after 1 January, anyway. Desppite being very busy, I managed to fit in the time to do this little watercolour that I'm very proud of - The Onion. Or will I call it "Onion on Aveda gift box"?

I guess the difference with previous projects is that I dived straight in - no preliminary experiments with Adobe Photoshop or the Wacom tablet (my Mac is misbehaving again, so I haven't really used it much - everything is gone really really slow again), no aboriginal snails to try out the colours. I only did a few drawings as a starting point, and took a couple of pictures, in case the onion went bad (which it didn't - we've probably eaten it now!). Actually, the photograph is at a slightly different angle than what I painted, as I was sitting slightly higher when I was painting, whereas the photograph is taken from slightly below.

The only item for which I experimented on a separate piece of paper was the chevron pattern on the Aveda gift box (a gift from a few Christmases ago. I have a lovely big Lush gift box from this Christmas that I must use next time!). I was worried I would ruin the whole thing by messing that up, so I wanted to try out my watercolour pencils to draw the pattern, then apply water to fix it in. It worked nicely. A bit laborious, but the right side of my brain didn't mind at all!

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