Monday, July 16, 2007

Willow falling out the window

On Monday, I had the window at the front upstairs open, to get a bit of fresh air going through the house. When I open the window at the back, I always open both sides, left and right, so that Willow can, if he takes the fancy, walk on the window sill on the outside and come back in the other way. (There are 4 panels - the 2 in the middle don't open, and the 2 on the right and left open out).

At the front, the panel on the left is missing a handle, so it's awkward to open and close. I generally only open that window when I know that Willow isn't around, as he fell from that window sill a few years ago, trying to walk backwards on the narrow window sill, in order to get back in. There was no harm done, except for my heart beating too fast for a good 10 minutes, and Willow's pride.

Well, it happened again on Monday. I had left the window open, forgetting about it, until I walked into the front bedroom and saw Willow on the window sill, outside. When he saw me, he wanted to get back in of course. The window sill is too narrow for him to turn around, so he tried to walk backwards. And he fell! The look on his little face, as he lost his footing! I ran downstairs, and found him walking away, disgusted with himself! I picked him up to make sure he was OK, and gave him a feed of tuna (if the cat eats, then I conclude that he is not in too bad a shape). He seemed to be fine, and I kept a close eye on him for the rest of the day. Because he is so heavy, a fall can cause a fracture. At this stage, I only worry if he tries to hide behind the furniture and doesn't want to engage with us, even for food. When that happens, it's straight out to the vets! It's happened a few times after a fight with other cats - the big risk is blood poisoning from a damaged claw or from a cut. He was limping a little bit yesterday, but is 100% today, except for his hurt pride!

Needless to say, I couldn't capture his fall on camera! The hosta under the window is a bit crushed!

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