Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poppy colours and textures

I'm still avoiding the moment when I have to set paint to paper!

Not only have I painted a full page of 5x5 squares, with my aboriginal snails, lines and dots and little waves - my usual themes. All very useful to try out colours - I'm quite happy with the pinks. I think the Schmincke Ruby Red is a good choice - it's got enough depth, without being overpowering. I'm still not sure about my greens, though.

And then, I decided to play around with textures - I'll use a wooden stick for the veins in the petals. I don't have the right intensity in the pinks at this point, so I think I'll have to either work with thicker paint or apply more layers. And then, I had fun with the greens, pouring paint, then lifting it with a tissue. It will be a useful technique to suggest the light filtering through the greenery.

And my 5x5 squares make very handy birthday cards. I wonder who I'll send this one to?

Maybe I'll start to paint the full picture tomorrow or at the weekend. That's if I don't get distracted with Second Life, which I've just set up on my Mac. The Sims meets online gaming. More about this later!

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