Sunday, July 15, 2007

My day at the seaside

It was nice and sunny this morning, for a change, so I sat out for a little while. In the afternoon, we went to Sandycove for a walk. We decided to walk to Bullock harbour. It's a long time since I'd been there. The approach to it is not particularly scenic, as there is an old nursing home and also cheap-looking apartments overlooking the harbour. But once you're there, you forget what's behind. It's a busy little harbour - the main activity seemed to be boat rental. The place was buzzing with families and groups of Chinese or East European young men going out fishing. The sun peeped out and kept us warm, despite the cool sea breeze.

The main attraction was the seals: there were 3 or 4 seals popping their heads in and out of the water, patiently waiting for bits of fish to be thrown out into the water. One of them was quite big, and, judging by the marks on its skin, quite old. There was also a little jack russell keeping a close eye on them, going as close to the water's edge as he dared, in the hope of catching a glimpse (or more than a glimpse!) of the seals.

Unfortunately, we hadn't brought the camera, so I've got no pictures to show you. It was the same yesterday: we went out to Airfield and saw a fox going around one of the fields, sniffing the ground, rummaging around, minding his own business. It was the closest I've ever seen a fox. He was a very healthy-looking fox, and didn't seem to mind us one bit.

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