Saturday, October 20, 2018


I love art challenges. Fake Journal Month, OneWeek100People, DirectWatercolour, ... I've done a few. But somehow, InkTober doesn't really appeal to me. Maybe it's just that there are too many people taking part. I like to feel part of a community (I loooved the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto). But I need to make a connection. And I don't get that with Inktober. Maybe I came to it too late.

Still, I have lots of inks to play with, so I did explore a few techniques over the last week. But really, I'm a watercolour girl.

Here are some of my efforts (didn't follow the prompts). The first few were not great, but then I moved to a Two Rivers sketchbook and the ink behaved very interestingly. For the last one, I used really smooth paper and a variety of fountain pens (Sailor Fude, Lamy Safari, Pilot Kaküno):

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