Wednesday, June 27, 2018


A view of James Joyce tower in Sandycove. (Trying to catch up on posting what I've been doing over the last little while, just in case you were wondering why I'm posting so much to do with the #30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge!)

One thing is for sure is that I love painting skies and water. For the other elements of the landscape, I really do need to spend more time planning and measuring. But, hey, one painting a day is the challenge, so it's simply not possible for me to spend hours on each one. It's a great exercise, though. Through sheer quantity, I am learning more in a month than I would in a year normally! Maybe I'll revisit all these paintings in the winter, trying to recreate the spontaneity, but striving for a better finish!

The lesson learned for this one is that I need to keep the details in the distance fairly light - the windows of the house second from the right are way too dark!

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