Sunday, June 24, 2018

Reclaiming the Wounded Soul

Reclaiming the Wounded Soul, by Lisa Burke

Honestly and beautifully told – the story of a woman who finds her own path to wellness and happiness after a shocking and traumatizing emergency caesarian section

This is not a step-by-step get well book. But yet, I think it will help a lot of women, and men, who are suffering from anxiety, PTSD or depression, suggesting a way forward, and simple actions that will guide you back to your own, happy and balanced, self.

Lisa Burke tells her story simply and clearly, and with humour at times, – she’s not in the blame business, but the facts are stark. This book is about one of those events in life that you hope will never happen to you. Where one moment, your life is going well, and the next, you’re in hell.

Her story is about how the doctors and consultants, who were supposed to provide care during the birth of her third child, did not communicate with her, did not listen to her, but were solely focused on the task, even when she was screaming in pain.

It is shocking to know that these things are still happening in 21st century Ireland.  And it is very much of the moment, with the HSE’s Cervical Check scandal, where patients, women, are still not at the centre of the decision-making process by doctors and hospital administrators.

Lisa Burke survived to tell the tale, and what struck me is that she is not angry. She decided to get well, and let go of the fear and the anger. And in this book, she seeks to help others in their journey out of hell, back to happiness.

An essential read for anyone who is going through Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression or anxiety. It’s not going to tell you step by step how to solve all your problems, but it guides you through the first actions you can take towards regaining and reclaiming who you were.

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