Friday, June 01, 2018

Harold's Cross Festival

The weather wasn't perfect, but we didn't let a few drops of rain spoil our fun. I even finished one of my watercolours with an umbrella in one hand! A few of us Dublin Sketchers sat at the front row for the Harold's Cross Festival's music event, as you can see in the photo (courtesy of Harold's Cross Festival website).

And we sketched to our hearts' (and ears') content. The two acts we saw and sketched were fantastic! Martin Tourish and Daire Bracken dazzled us (accordion and fiddle). And Eleanor McEvoy brought back memories from long ago.
Tourish and Bracken even played an encore so we'd have more time to sketch. And Eleanor McEvoy was initially worried we might be critics, but once she saw the paintbrushes, she relaxed into her set!

And the dog?, you're asking. Well the dog's owner was eating an ice-cream, and the dog knew he had to be good if he wanted a lick! I never got to sketch the ice-cream nor the man, but you can see him in the crowd picture above.

I did all my sketches in direct watercolour, getting ready for the 30x30 challenge coming up in June. Then I did one in pencil, just because I still had 5 minutes! I still need to add text to the pages. It will come to me soon.

Sketches from the other Dublin Sketchers are on Instagram.

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