Thursday, June 07, 2018

At the hairdressers

I have no patience with hair colour. Yet, it needs to be done, every six weeks at least! Over the last few months, I have been bringing a sketchbook with me to the hairdressers, often doing a stark self-portrait while the colour is setting. Last Halloween, I even sketched a plastic skull that was decorating the counter! It helps that my hairdresser is into art - he's actually very talented, so we're always chatting about drawing, painting, and science fiction movies, another thing we both like!

Last week, I brought my big sketchbook (A4 Moleskine) and did a direct to watercolour sketch of the house across the way. I started working around the whites, so that I would not lose them. Did the house, windows, door, steps, the chimney. I then added the tree to the right. It got a bit chunky. So I decided to just suggest the tree to the left, and ignore completely the neighbouring house. I then had another go at the door, in pen this time. And by then, it was time to get my hair rinsed. And this is how I get to sketch and paint so much. Not a moment wasted!

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