Monday, April 30, 2018

Pigeon House - when sand gets in you watercolour

I did mention the wind kicking up while we were sketching near the Poolbeg station, didn't I! One of my fellow sketchers found that his water container kept filling with sand.  Mine didn't, but the page I was working on at that stage got this mottled effect because of the sand getting into everything.
At this stage, I was facing towards the Dublin Mountains and the sand was coming right at me! It wasn't exactly the effect I was after.

So what do you do with a failed page?
I had nothing to lose, so when I got home, I decided to splatter paint all over and pretend it was the fireworks scene in Ulysses (yes, all the quotes in this sketchbook are from James Joyce's Ulysses). I love this one!

And then you can always do another one! It was so blustery that the watercolour dried really quickly on my pages!

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