Sunday, April 15, 2018

Grattan Bridge

So, I settled in a warm café overlooking the Liffey, just South of Grattan Bridge, the Dwarf Jar. It's not as fancy as Dollard&Co, but somehow I doubt that posher establishment would be happy to welcome a bunch of sketchers taking over window tables for an hour or two! That said, the menu doesn't look that fancy, so maybe if we ordered pizza, we might be able to grab those prized seats. One thing I'm wondering about is if this is the location for the "Dollard big red printing house" mentioned in Wandering Rocks? Maybe worth a try after all!!

So, I settled at a window overlooking the bridge in the Dwarf Jar, picked up my watercolours and had fun for an hour! Although the Ormond hotel across the bridge is associated with the Sirens Chapter, I was inspired by Wandering Rocks, with people criss-crossing the city like pawns on a game of chess with the King and Bishop represented by the viceroy in his carriage and Father Conmee. Although some of my characters probably look more like the onelegged sailor that pops up now and then!

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