Saturday, May 23, 2015

Washi tape

Ellipses are so hard.

"Wonky circles are a fact of life, so get over it and keep working" 

This is a quote from a Sketchbook   Skool Fakulty member, I think, but I can't find it now. I haven't taken any of the Sketchbook Skool classes yet, but I'm hoping to sign up later on this year. Like a lot of people, I struggle to make the time for drawing. And ironically, I have been procrastinating about signing up, "because I don't have enough time". But I have been following from the wings, so to speak. I've been looking at the websites of some of the Fakulty members, e.g.  Koosje Koene and Danny Gregory, and also a lady who has been taking the Klasses (yes, I know, this happy of replacing all Cs by Ks is really annoying!). And I've been drawing nearly every day, even though I hate ellipses.

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