Thursday, May 28, 2015

Documented Life Project - textures - texture paste

May is the month of textures in Documented Life Project world. I skipped the last two weeks - using fabric, and sewing. Just not my thing. And I don't have a sewing machine - although they were on offer in Lidl and I was tempted. But where would I store it? And what would I actually do with it? I think I have enough arts & crafts projects on the go without introducing another medium. And I will be skipping the current week too - cheesecloth really does nothing for me.

So I was glad to see that Week 20 was about texture paste. Great excuse to try out the set I bought in Lidl last week (lovely boxes of acrylic media, and also canvases and paper)

I created a couple more Gelli Babies to complement the pages I had chosen for this challenge. (Who needs expensive stencils when you can cut your own from magazines!) But the pages were still a bit bare. Rubber stamps, letter stickers and tags came to the rescue! All set for journaling now! And by the way, did I mention the calligraphy set I got from Evans? It's called the Calligraphy Compendium, a fancy name for a few pens and ink cartridges, a booklet and paper. But it's amazing how good my handwriting looks when I use it! And it wasn't expensive at all. One of those small investments that actually can help make a page so much more polished! But you'll have to wait to see it - I crossed out the journaling part here!

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