Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 15

Week 15 - Colour Safari - Acrylics - Cry me a river were the themes for Week 15

It took me a while to create something I liked with this one. I've been working on it, mentally at least, for several weeks.

At first, I tried to paint a river scene from a photograph - but it wasn't looking good. The beauty of acrylics is that they are opaque - so I slapped a good layer of blue and green acrylics to hide the bad painting and I ended up with an abstract page.

The quote I was planning to use is "Develop a taste for fish" from The Little Book of Calm.

So I printed fish silhouettes from the internet, cut them out, and cut fish shapes out of not-so-successful Gelli prints. They didn't look quite right for my page, though. So I used them as stencils to spray Adirondack ink onto book pages. We were starting to get somewhere.

The border took a while to figure out too - I have a border cutter from Lidl, which includes a jumping dolphin cutout. After trying out a few options, I cut them out of a plain turquoise Gelli print and glued the border around the facing page. My various attempts at dolphin borders produced a few dozen mini dolphins in red, blue, white and turquoise. I couldn't resist gluing them onto the page (that was tricky - they are so small - I ended up with a lot of glue on my hands)

I wrote my quote in white Signo pen and called it done! Time to move on!

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