Monday, January 26, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 48

The challenge for Week 48 was to depict gratitude in a creative way. And due to a bad link, I could not see how the artists had interpreted this challenge. So I was on my own!!

I picked an ugly page, all ugly greens and purples, and I covered it in gesso. Even then, it was still ugly. So I was going to have to do something more radical.

If in doubt, turn to your Gelli plate! I picked a piece of paper and carved the word MERCI into it. Speaking another language has its advantages, since I could not think of a more creative way to depict gratitude. I tried a gelli print, but it didn't look great, because I had cut the letters too thin. But the paper I used as my stencil looked cool. So I cut it to size and glued it to my ugly page.

For the facing page, I chose a contrasting colour and applied it by hand (with rubber gloves!). I also affixed a little piece of paper I had used to clean my letter stamps with.

A little bit of paint splatter. An art postcard attached as a tip-in with matching washi tape. And I called it done.

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