Sunday, January 18, 2015

Aria Hotel Las Vegas

The Aria Hotel was way too noisy - there was music everywhere in the public areas. I'm sure it's all a marketing ploy to keep us moving, gambling, eating and buying.  The bedrooms, thankfully, were lovely and quiet, with silently shwooshing curtains (controlled from your bedside tablet), mood lighting (controlled from your bedside tablet), your choice of music (controlled from your bedside tablet). I now want a tablet controller in every hotel room. So lovely. 

And while the art in the rooms was somewhat bland for my liking, there is artwork everywhere in the public areas (like this Henry Moore piece), and I loved all the paintings from the elevator to our room, as well as the larger pieces dotted around the place, such as the Silver River hanging over the reception area, a wonderful piece by Maya Lin, which you will see via this virtual tour - go straight into the hotel lobby, then look at the reception desk to your right - the piece hangs behind and above the check-in desks).

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