Thursday, September 18, 2014

TV series

I'm going to do the same as I did for the movies, one line, two max. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Black Mirror - Season 1 & 2 - Fantastic series, available on Netflix. About a disturbing near future.

Him & Her - Season 1 & 2 - I really hope that Netflix get Seasons 3 & 4 soon. I absolutely adore this. A young couple living in a bedsit. Don't watch if hygiene is important to you!

Engrenages - another one on Netflix. French series (it's dubbed). About a team of police men and women in Paris. They investigate gruesome murders. Nothing is black and white. There is police brutality, police romance, friendship, bad language. Loved it!

The Bridge - This one is a Danish/Swedish series. Another cop series. A body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. So both police forces have to work together to solve the mystery. Gripping. Gruesome. Give me more! Can't wait to see Series 2 on Netflix!

Homeland - Everybody knows Homeland. It's brilliant. Apparently, Season 4 is starting on 5 October. But But?

Borgen - I must watch more Danish TV - Fantastic series about a female politician who becomes Prime Minister. What it does to the country, to her marriage, her children. What she becomes. Must See.

The Fall - Dark. so dark. A man is on the prowl on the streets of Belfast. He is assaulting and killing women. Gillian Anderson (remember Special Agent Dana Scully?) is the police officer on his case. Don't watch this alone!

Californication - we're currently watching Season 5 on Netflix. Car Crash stuff. But brilliant. David Duchovny (another X Files ex) plays a writer on a self destruct journey in California. Sex. Alcohol. Drugs. And yet, he is a caring father. Will he still be alive for Seasons 6 & 7?

Misfits - I can't believe I never mentioned Misfits. Juvenile delinquents with special powers. Sounds crazy but it was brilliant. Now that I look at the Wikipedia entry, I get the feeling I haven't seen the last two seasons. Maybe it's just old age? Or the excuse to watch it again?

Damages - we watched the whole first season, but I can't stand it. Pretentious. It's about lawyers, and Glenn Close is the most evil of them all.

Currently watching: Top of the Lake - only 6 episodes, and there will not be another season. I love it for its beautiful New Zealand landscapes, dark story (a pregnant 12-year-old disappears), and the girl from Mad Men (Elizabeth Moss)

Next, I'm going to have to do the same with books!

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