Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Documented Life Project - Week 18

Week 18 challenge: incorporate an inspiring quote!

Well, this one was staring me in the face at my desk - one of these quotes I found on Facebook and that somehow spoke to me!

But I really struggled with it. I tried watercolours. I tried handwriting. I tried stamping the words. None of those worked. 

The watercolour was discarded. The handwriting and the stamping had to be gessoed over.

I then cut a piece of card and sprayed over one of my favourite stencils from the Water Series by Artistcellar with Adirondack dye. I typed the words on my computer and printed them to my laser printer. Then I used this fantastic transfer technique, using packing tape (wide sellotape).

I picked two pages on which I had unsuccessfully doodled with my Neocolor II pencils

I cut a new stamp to outline my date circles - I'm very happy with it. But I must be more careful how I store my stamps. Yesterday, I found one of my favourite ones ripped because it had stuck to another stamp I placed on top of it. Maybe there was still some ink on it?

I sprayed more Adirondack over the gessoed page.

I attached my flap to the sketchbook page using washi tape. I only have four rolls of washi tape, but somehow they always seem to work perfectly with my projects. I wish I was as sparse with my other art supplies!!

Called it done!

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