Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Water Walk

It's a while since I've painted any watercolours! Lately, all I've found time for has been mono-printing with my Gelli plate. But I was given a commission!! (It sounds very grand!) Someone I know asked me to paint a scene from a recent trip to Lourdes as a gift for a friend. (That sounds better.) I was given a choice of a photo of a religious statue or of the "water walk" by the river. The statue was actually quite nice, but I felt it was way beyond my ability. The scene by the river, on the other hand, had an abstract feel to it that I found very appealing.

When you have a dog, you don't have much time for yourself, let alone for painting. So, when BB took the Sunday morning walk shift, I decided to get up at the same time and get started on my work. Two hours later, I had the bulk of it done. Another hour after breakfast, and it was finished.

Sometimes it's good to take a break - I don't think I've painted as good a watercolour since the start of the year!

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