Sunday, September 15, 2013

La nostalgie heureuse

OK. It's high time I started reviewing the books I've read over the last few months. It's not like I've been reading that much anyway. Maybe it's just a case that I haven't read anything that gripped me to a point where I wanted to tell you all about it.

La Nostalgie heureuse is Amélie Nothomb's latest book. You may not know this but Amélie Nothomb is Belgian, and she lived in Japan at various stages of her life. I never lived in Japan myself but one of my best friends did. And I've always been fascinated by all things Japanese.

This book is the story of the author as she travels to Japan with a TV crew to film her journey as she meets significant people from her past (her minder when she was a small girl, her one-time boyfriend) and visits locations from her childhood (her school, etc.)

It was a pleasant book to read. And I probably will enjoy reading it again in future. But I can't say it was earth-shattering. Am I missing the point somewhere?

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