Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bring up the Bodies

I'm working in reverse reading order here. So as I move back in time, I
will remember less and less. And you will be delighted to find that my reviews will get shorter and shorter.
Bring up the Bodies is Hilary Mantel's second book in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. I found it a much easier read than Wolf Hall. A simple thing, like adding the word ", Cromwell" after "he" clarified a lot of situations for me. Her editor must have recommended this after the first book. I actually remember finding it particularly hard in the first book to figure out who "he" was, throughout the book.  

But where the book has gained in clarity, I feel it has lost in dreamy quality. It was something I loved in the first book, this feeling that you were floating inside Cromwell's mind. Bring Up the Bodies tells its story in a more straightforward manner. But I think I preferred Wolf Hall.

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