Sunday, September 08, 2013

Les feuilles mortes

There'll be a lot of leaves on gelli plates these next few weeks. It's cliché, but it's also so lovely. I loved our beautiful hot sunny summer - the last one this good was 1995, so it felt very special. But I find autumn much more peaceful for the soul. It's a busy time work-wise, but I feel myself more settled into a rhythm. And there is something serene about being the only person in the park at 8 am on a Saturday morning (the only problem being that it's just me and my dog, who needs plenty of running and interaction with other dogs if we want a quiet time at home, so I am so happy to see another lady with a dog that I ask her if she wants to take her little guy to the dog park to play with my big guy, and it ends up in a major play-biting session and two very mucky doggies).

But I digress - Let's come back to gelli printing - here is my ode to the autumn leaves. Or an alternative Canadian flag:

And for those of us from a francophone background:

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