Sunday, July 28, 2013

Polka Dot Cats

I can't claim credit for drawing the cat stencil. I simply googled "cat silhouette" and I picked the image that appealed to me the most, for its simple shape.

I applied a thin layer of yellow acrylic on my gelli plate, then my favourite big bubble wrap. And I took my first print.

I think there is only so much that the human brain can absorb from YouTube videos and blog instructions at any one time. Particularly when you have a new puppy at home. (Timber is settling in very well, by the way. We went to the King-Of-Paws senior puppy training yesterday and he's learning fast. Well, he was the most boisterous doggy in the class, but he was just happy to see all his four-legged friends, and he settled after a while. And did I tell you that Maxi Zoo have posted a picture of him on their Facebook wall? We're such proud parents!!) My brain is quite frazzled. I start something, and then I find hours later that I never finished the task, and the day has gone in a blur. But I did notice a couple of days ago on one of the Gelli Arts videos that only a single blob of paint is all that's needed. And it worked out much better than my earlier attempts with more paint on the plate.

After cleaning the gelli plate, another thin layer, of magenta this time. A light press of a free stencil I got with the gelli plate. And two cutouts of the cat silhouette. Firmly pressed the paper down over the paint.


And then, I couldn't resist using up the paint that was left on the plate and made two Cat labels, with yellow polka dots on the reverse.

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