Friday, July 05, 2013

Colours of Donegal

I'm still struggling with my painting endeavours, but I'm not one to give up. Though I have to admit it is getting to me sometimes. Here is a little journal page inspired by the colours of Donegal - I was very much taken by the clear waters - I can only imagine that a hint of sunshine would turn them into the most dazzling Maldivian turquoise.

After applying my Neocolor II blues and greens and earthy reds, I decided to frame this little landscape with some paper I bought in Dealz. It's a pack called "Crafty Bits n Bobs" - it's full of coloured paper, stencils and ribbons. All for €1.49. I can see endless possibilities. I must show you a page I did with a flower stencil from the same pack - it's so much fun. And all for €1.49!! I love Dealz! One weekend, I wanted to treat myself to something nice, but I didn't want to spend loads of money. So I went down to Dealz in Dundrum, and I filled a basket with goodies (including these crafty bits n bobs, and acrylic paint, PVA glue, hair conditioner, a picnic blanket, plastic cups, bird seeds, and a few other things) - and it cost me something like 22 euro in total. Unbelievable! Who needs to spend loads of money when you can have so much fun with €1.49!

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