Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Gelli Plates

You're going to be sick of me going on about Gelli plates! But they're such a joy to work with. As you know, I was struggling to execute new ideas in watercolours and acrylics over the last few months. I felt that nothing I was producing was good enough. And when you hit that feeling, it's very hard to pull yourself out of it. It just doesn't make you happy any more. Maybe it's because you feel that you should be able to achieve a much higher standard, and the reality is that you can't.

But all that is forgotten now - you just need a Gelli Plate, a brayer, a few stencils, acrylic paint, and plenty of paper! Once you start, you can't stop. You do a first print, a ghost print, a print with just the stencil, you add a layer, and another layer, you add pictures, you add doodles, you play with corks, string, paper cups, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, ... The possibilities are endless. And the colours glorious! What fun!

Here are a few variations on the theme of coral - using the Artistcellar Coral set of stencils

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