Monday, May 20, 2013

The Entire History of You

There is a series of three mini-movies on Netflix, by the same people who made Dead Set (a must see for Big Brother fans, but don't click if you don't like zombie gory details - you will never be able to look at Davina McCall without these pictures in your head!). I think it's called Black Mirror. If you get a chance to watch these, they are well worth the time. And I've just seen that there is a second season. Looking forward to it!

I was reminded of this when listening to the Marian Finucane show on the radio yesterday late morning, and the panel was discussing the Google glasses, and the controversy over the fact that the wearer will be able to take pictures and movies of anything they see without anybody being aware of it. This is essentially the end of your privacy! (interesting article here)

The Entire History of You (one of the three mini-movies in Black Mirror) takes the idea a step further - we're in the near future, everything looks familiar - cars, houses, furniture, clothes - but everybody has a memory chip implant that gives them perfect recall - they can rewind their memories, pause them, zoom in. We're now in a world where you will not have a "he said, she said" situation - all you have to do is rewind to the timestamp, and you can replay anything you saw last week or last year, a job interview, a dinner party, your baby's movie of an evening with the babysitter, or a sexual indiscretion you'd rather forget. Not only can you replay just for yourself, but you can also display the "memory movie" onto a larger screen for other people to watch!

Maybe a good idea if you're suffering from memory loss.... But after watching The Entire History of You, I don't think I'd like the implant. Scary world!

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