Saturday, May 18, 2013

Die Walkure

Three defining moments for me in Die Walkure at the Met HD, shown on SkyArts2 (2 more to go!).

  1. The ride of the Valkyries, of course. Such a well-known piece of music. And an imaginative use of the set, as horses for the riders. Hojotoho!
  2. Wotan setting fire to the mountain around Brunnhilde. So sad and so beautiful.
  3. Fricka's scene - is it me, or was the floating chair scene inspired by Q's in Star Trek TNG's "All Good Things"?
Ok - Number 3 is probably not the most commented-on by Ring aficionados. How many people are Wagner fans and Stark Trek The Next Generation fans too? Am I all alone?

A couple of videos for your delectation, if you don't have 250 minutes to watch the whole opera! But for Number 3, you'll just have to trust me - I can't find it anywhere on YouTube. I just have this little photo here to the right:


  1. If you have Sky Go you can watch it again.

    I saw the revival of this in the Met in April with Mark Delevan as Wotan and Martina Serafin as Sieglinde. It was pretty impressive, especially given that "the machine" actually worked without hitch for once. Speaking of which I took the Lincoln centre tour the day before and the Met part arrived just at the end of a Siegfried dress rehearsal - the thing is huge! It was funny to watch them wheeling in bits from that nights "Guilio Cesare" production at the same time as removing bits of the Ring's set.

  2. Thank you Shoe - I don't have Sky Go, but I'm sure Sky Arts will be showing it again at some stage!
    You are so lucky to have seen it in the flesh! I must do the Lincoln centre tour next time I'm in New York!