Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

MHBD the domestic goddess has been baking again! How will we ever manage to lose weight at this rate? This one looks particularly yummy, doesn't it? And it tasted delicious, believe me. This is another one of Aine McAteer's new recipes that I'm trying out. A chocolate fudge brownie with no butter and no sugar. But very chocolaty all the same.  I might bake it again over the bank holiday weekend. I think, this time, I'll turn my oven to a standard oven setting, rather than fan oven, as I'd like to achieve a fudgier consistency. I've been told that, apparently, a fan oven isn't ideal for baking as it can dry things out. You learn something new every day!
This cake is full of goodness, as is always the case with Aine McAteer's recipes of course. I haven't worked out the calorie count yet, but it is definitely less than my very fudgy chocolate brownie cake. But that would not be hard!

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