Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Les Petits Mouchoirs

OK - A movie a day is going to be hard to do.

Les Petits Mouchoirs is about a group of friends who always go on holidays together - they stay in a house that belongs to one of them, and use his boat.Yep, the friendship is not one of equals, and the cracks start to appear when they all decide to go for their holidays despite one of them ending up in hospital after a serious road accident.
Very French. Good acting. It's all about relationships. But the storyline did nothing for me - They lost me early on, when one of the younger men (who is married with one child) declares his undying love for the alpha male of the pack (also married with children) but says he is not gay.

I often had this dream of renting a house in the South of France with friends and family. It all sounds so idyllic. Well, after watching this movie, I've changed my mind.

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