Sunday, June 17, 2012

Somewhere near Pradines Le Haut

I painted this watercolour today, using a quick sketch I did on one of our walks around the countryside in the valley that extends between Montséret and Saint André de Roquelongue, between Pradines Le Haut and Le Coude. As you can see, it wasn't much of a sketch, but it's amazing how the act of drawing on site imprints a picture on your brain. It also helps to take a photo, of course, but a photo on its own isn't enough.

I must try out a few more paintings based on these sketches, though I have to say I don't feel the same enthusiasm now that we're back home. Is it the lack of sunshine? Or that my paints are drying so much slower here (no heat, no wind)? Or that I'm back to using my standard set of watercolour paints, rather than my Derwent Aquatone limited palette, which is full of bright colours?

PS: I couldn't find the exact location of where I took this photo on Google Maps - there are a lot of interconnecting roads in the area and my patience is not infinite after all. But while looking, I found my little shed, so I thought I'd share it with you!

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