Saturday, June 23, 2012

Near Pradines le Haut

I did plenty of little sketches on our walks while holidaying in the Corbières. The weather has been so bad since we got back by the way that I'm ready to hop on a plane and go back there, where the temperatures are showing 27-28-29-30, compared to our current 11 in Dublin.

The weather in Ireland never got to me before, and I've been here since 1986. But we seem to be getting nothing but grey skies.

So I'll leave you with blue skies over a farm shed. This one is a big shed compared to my previous one, so I drew it more like a house.

By the way, I found out that they call them - mazets, a lovely word, full of sunshine, the sound of the cicadas, and the taste of rosé.

Unlike this word, which, to me, doesn't evoke dancing with umbrellas, pink wellies, jumping in puddles, or even happy dogs: báisteach!

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