Friday, June 22, 2012


We've just barely finished the last episode of Entourage Season One and we're already on the second DVD of  Season Two. Some evenings, we'll watch two episodes in a row - they're less than half an hour each, but yet, they're packed with action. An exciting experience, finding a series we both like. As we go through box sets and Netflix at a fast pace, it's hard to find new stuff, and I'm delighted to know that there are eight seasons of Entourage to look forward to, and a possible feature film! As usual, I'm years behind in discovering these things - Entourage ran from 2004 to 2011! - but hey, that's never stopped me before!

It's got a simple premise - 4 lads are living the life in Hollywood. Vince is a young up-and-coming actor, Eric is his friend from school, Johnny Drama is Vince's brother, also an actor, but not quite so successful, and Turtle is their friend too, not sure if it's from way back when they were growing up in Queens or at some other stage. But anyways, they're all friends and we're following their life in Hollywood, the girls, the drugs, the movies, the agents, the directors, the publicists, the beach parties, the best tables in all the restaurants, the  nice cars, the tickets to U2 concerts, and the ongoing uncertainty about the next job.

Vince is a charmer, he's very easy-going. Eric becomes his manager, he's the one who worries about the money, who takes the calls, who makes the calls. Johnny is auditioning for small parts in TV pilots, and he cooks for them all. Turtle does the driving and the general bits and pieces. All likeable lads. Then there is Ari, the agent, the wheeler dealer. But it's not all rosy. There are tensions. There is an underlying grittiness that appeals to me. Hollywood is a dreamland, but it's also full of gossip and competing actors and agents.

I'm enjoying it.

For a list of celebrity appearances, check out this Wikipedia article.

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