Sunday, August 07, 2011


Since the idea of the bigger acrylic still life is a bit daunting, I'm spending a bit of time playing with colours for something completely different - so much for sticking with a theme and developing from it...

I've been reading about greens, so I've tried a few ranges, mixing cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue and, on the yellow side, aureolin, quinacridone gold. I'm particularly fond of the ultramarine+aureolin & ultramarine+quinacridone gold & phthalo+quinacridone gold. OK, I love them all. Whether I'll use them all in painting or not remains to be seen. The mixes with quinacridone gold are particularly rich and natural, and I must try a few mixes with phthalo blue nearly pure, just to see how dark they go.

Of course I had to try these gorgeous colours on a little impromptu painting, inspired by a view from the salines at  Peyriac de Mer (that's the name on Google Maps, but I'll have to check my notes, as that name doesn't ring a bell). But never mind the name, that's the location on the map here all right. We were standing on the little pontoon at the top right and we took a picture across the little pond, and there is a bit of an escarpment with trees and bushes on it. You can get a street view in Google, but unfortunately only from the road, l'envers du décor so to speak. As you can see even from the satellite map, plenty of rich greens to choose from!

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Here is the 5-minute painting - definitely a theme worth exploring:

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